Oh my stars and garters, with Michael Mehalick

Premiere DateOct 19, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
02:54 // An update from Good Eye Records
14:48 “Half Crazy” Blood Warrior
17:03 // It was lovely
24:30 “Jaws of Life” The High Dials
27:07 // You can’t put that genie back in the bottle (also, listen to Cheekface)
41:29 “Letter” DEHD
44:42 // It’s good to see people doing good
49:14 “Poor George” James Supercave
53:53 // That blend kinda works for me
56:37 “Black” Fetching Pails
60:07 // I will clap for the happy release day
62:43 “Hold Me” Wished Bone
65:25 // I put the butter in the fridge.
67:31 // OUTRO
68:07 // END

Friend Of The Show, Michael Mehalick – proprietor of Brooklyn indie label Good Eye Records – drops by to share an update on the label happenings, drop some advice on digital single release strategies, plug the Independent Label Fair at the Windjammer in Ridgewood, Queens on 10/27, and to do the thing we do here, which may or may not be listening to and reacting to music. Sonic gems this week include new music from Blood Warrior, The High Dials, DEHD, James Supercave, Featching Pails, and Wished Bone.

Bonus: while we don’t actually follow our own advice in this episode, we would like to remind you to “listen to Cheekface.”

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