Not just nepotism, with Pete D’Angelo

Premiere DateOct 26, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
01:18 // It’s been a while since we talked, publicly
04:10 “Primrose Diner” Saba Lou
07:57 // Everyone has a mother
12:44 “They Played It Twice (feat Xenia Rubinos)” Battles
15:54 // So those were real drums
19:20 “Everyone Is Gonna Be Okay” Shana Falana
24:15 // It all goes back to sonic youth
31:13 “Cathedral” Hovvdy
34:16 // Where’s that sendtridoh box set?
40:42 “Breathe Underwater” Kendra Amalie
43:31 // Wtf is publishing?
48:07 “America Is Your Boyfriend (Tim Goldsworthy Remix)” Steve Mason
51:34 // A get it right the first time kinda guy
55:15 “Range Rover” Porches
57:28 // Is that pop music?
60:59 “Names” Flower
63:52 // Outro
64:36 // END!

Pete D’Angelo of Ernest Jenning Record Co. and Facet Cubed stops by to join the music listening-and-reacting fun and offers some actual useful music industry insight along the way! Along with bringing in new tracks from Saba Lou, Kendra Amalie, and Flower, we check out songs from Porches, Steve Mason, Hovvdy, Shana Falana, and Battles.

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