New Releases and Singles for July, August, and September Records

Premiere DateJun 27, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
01:20 “Grounds” IDLES
04:16 ”Fit N Full” Samia
07:01 “Indigo Kids” Suburban Living
11:17 // mic break
11:59 “Does Your Brain Ever Get This Loud?” St. South
15:20 “Mermaids (Hafgua)” Susan Moon
18:02 “lou says” Nice Breeze
20:51 “Dancing” Katie dey
23:45 // mic break
25:24 “Robin” Denison Witmer
27:55 “Brujo Chueco” Sephy
31:50 “1990” Half Gringa
34:18 “Brule” Versari
38:34 “Supermind” Low Praise
41:12 “Wanna Be My Friend” Disheveled Cuss
45:20 // mic break
48:24 “Autumn” Nana Grizol
50:59 “Shake Your Diamonds” The Rentals
55:14 “Safe In Sound” Orlando Weeks
59:34 // mic break
60:37 “Big As The Dark” Weekend Lovers
64:20 // outro
65:16 // END

There has been an overwhelming amount of great new music released lately – and this week’s singles are no different. We’re checking out tunes from IDLES, Samia, Katie Dey, Versari, The Rentals, and much more!

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