New Intro, New Music.

Premiere DateJun 6, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
03:46 “The Gate” Bent Arcana
13:57 “Nothing Less Nothing More” Carmen Canedo
16:40 “Montevideo, 22 de Diciembre, 2017” Juan Wauters
19:58 “The Void” Woods
22:04 “No Wings” Tenci
25:18 // mic break
25:58 “I Was A Young Girl” Black Bra
28:41 “Whippin (feat Shad)” Alan Ward
31:44 “Tell You Something” Sports
35:00 “You’re All I Want” Cigarettes After Sex
39:19 “The Basement” Art Block
43:21 “Sift” Hater
47:59 // mic break
49:14 “I’ll Be Alright” Tomemitsu
52:10 “Telling Tales” Song Sung
56:17 “Only Love” Sweet Spirit
60:21 // outro
61:16 // END.

This week we hav new singles from Bent Arcana, Carmen Canedo, Black Bra, Sports, Cigarettes After Sex, Hater, and Song Sung, along with new album tracks from Juan Wauters, Woods, Tenci, Alan Ward, Art Block, Tomemitsu, and Sweet Spirit.

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