It’s real hip! With Seth Applebaum

Premiere DateSep 21, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + intro
01:11 // The end of The Mad Doctors, the rise of Ghost Funk Orchestra
16:28 “Slow Down” Ghost Funk Orchestra
19:39 // My band’s gonna be so mad
27:20 “Bad Man” (Sandy) Alex G
29:09 // Is country emo a thing?
36:38 “Come & Find Me” Shana Falana
41:08 // It’s gotta be the whateverist
46:27 “Egg Salad” The Paranoyds
49:09 // How much does Coinstar charge?
51:17 “Diamonds Back To Coal” Jeremy Ivey
55:13 // Drums like butter that’s just starting to melt
57:40 “Labyrinth” Surf Curse
60:47 // Surf rock is dead
64:29 // Outro
65:04 END.

Seth Applebaum (Ghost Funk Orchestra, The Mad Doctors, etc.) stops by to talk about GFO’s incredible new album, A Song For Paul, and sticks around to do the Music Digest thing of listening / reacting to new music! We got into brand new tracks from (Sandy) Alex G, Shana Falana, The Paranoyds, Jeremy Ivey, and Surf Curse.

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