Here for it, with special guest Jeanette D. Moses

Premiere DateSep 7, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
01:29 // Striving for excellence, aka introducing Jeanette D. Moses
05:44 “Come Undone” Jeri Silverman
09:11 // It’s an art pun
17:10 “Wedding Guests” Cheekface
19:38 //This is a Cheekface appreciation podcast.
26:53 “Back Of My Mind” Scoville Unit
29:48 // Hot Ones, book this band now
38:39 // Dark and pretty, not too crunchy
42:41 “Ghost Warning” Very Good
46:49 // That song wasn’t very spooky
49:30 “Collar” Rose Dorn
53:31 // So heavy
58:21 “Armour” Bridal Party
62:48 // That government cheese
68:08 // OUTRO
68:45 // END.

JLM has officially left the show, so we’re entering what we’re calling the “post-Jerry world” which means that each week Bryan will host (aka drive the boat-ship) along with a special guest. We’re setting the bar high this first week, with frequent BTRtoday contributor Jeanette D. Moses joining us for the business of listening and reacting to music (that is what we do here, after all). Check out Jeanette’s photo and video work at her website, go see her band Frida Kill, and watch this sweet new music video she shot for the band Bethlehem Steel (after you listen to thi highly entertaining and informative episode, which features new music from Jeri Silverman, Cheekface, Scoville Unit, Boy Scouts, Very Good, Rose Dorn, and Bridal Party!


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