Gnarly Guitar Riffs And The Return of J?!

Premiere DateOct 12, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + intro
01:19 // your ears are not fooling you, it really is J!
08:29 "Gravity" Shantih Shantih
11:37 // oh, see?!
15:44 "Strangers" City And Colour
19:45 // ###
26:39 "The Spark" DIIV
30:36 // ok, let's get a sandwich
36:52 "Constellations" Lisa Prank
38:49 // crunchy and delightful
43:40 "No Place I Know" Aquarian Blood
45:47 // pleasantly messy
48:26 "Untraceable Past" Somos
51:20 // big, heart on the sleeve
53:41 "Henry in Forever Phases" Luke Temple
57:36 // deep storytelling
64:03 // OUTRO
64:42 // END

We missed former co-host J. McVay so much that after a month away we had to invite him back as a guest on the show. This week we check out new album tracks from Shantih Shantih, City and Colour, DIIV, Lisa Prank, Aquarian Blood, Somos, and Luke Temple!

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