Everything Is Normal, with Dave Benton of Trace Mountains

Premiere DateApr 18, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
01:55 “Lost in the country” Trace Mountains
07:14 // Trace Mountains interview
22:08 “Fallin rain” Trace Mountains
25:52 // No for some more new music
26:26 “Parallel Time” Deau Eyes
29:59 “Trust” Alex Nicol
32:25 “Blanket of Calm” Healing Potpourri
35:40 “Boats” Emily Keener
40:08 “Cosmic Scene” Jeffrey Silverstein
46:15 // A few more for this week
47:30 “stared down time” Good Good Blood
49:42 “Dying to Believe” The Beths
53:14 “Best Life” Cheekface
56:18 “2kool2dance” The Black Black
60:25 // outro
61:40 // end.

We check in with Dave Benton of Trace Mountains about his new record, Lost In The country and listne to a couple tracks from it before getting into new music from Deau Eyes, Alex Nicol, Healing Potpourri, Emily Keener, Jeffrey Silverstein, Good Good Blood, The Beths, Cheekface, and The Black Black.

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