August Singles And This Week's Album Tracks

Premiere DateJul 18, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
01:21 “Four” No Joy
05:34 “Last Time I'm Falling In Love” Eyedress
08:00 “AMERICAN DREAMZ” Monograms
11:13 “In A” The Prudish Few
13:28 // mic break
14:36 “Victim” Yves Jarvis
19:15 “2027” Drug Couple /
23:34 “Caroline” Jon The Guilt / new single out now
27:31 “Permission To Pass” Jaye Bartel
31:24 // mic break
32:50 “We Fight Until We Feel” Lou Canon
36:08 “That Don't Mean I Don't Love You” Rob Dobson
37:49 “How Do You Do” Mr. Ben & The Bens
40:35 “Out of Sight” The Beths
44:11 “Modern Feminist” Black Bra
48:02 // outro
49:45 // end.

This week we’ve got some great new singles from releases coming out over the next month, plus a selection of top-quality album tracks from releases new to the BTRtoday music library.  Tune in for new tracks from No Joy, Eyedress, Monograms, The Prudish Few, Yves Jarvis, Drug Couple, Jon The Guilt, Jaye Bartell, Lou Canon, Rob Dobson, Mr. Ben & The Bens, The Beths, and Black Bra!

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