Arcade Firing: The Pockets Will Be Niche

Premiere DateJul 1, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
00:40 // Welcome…
01:07 // Then what are these wheels for?
07:15 “Bad Art” ST. MARTiiNS
10:01 // The pockets will be niche...
14:01 “Trust” / “The Apple” / “Vada Vada” / “Interrupt” The Garden
17:25 // Is it one of those $185 paper clips?
23:10 “Halfway Home” Broken Social Scene
27:04 // Arcade Firing before Arcade Fire...
33:35 “Welcome To Bangor” Mr. Flannery and His Feelings
38:31 // That’s a whole name right there...
43:33 “Rockopop” Thomas Mudrick
47:54 // A lot of activities...
54:50 “Alan Alda” Nodding Tree Remedies
57:44 // Has Alan Alda ever been in a Wes Anderson movie?
60:24 // Outro…
60:39 // Finish.

In this episode, Bryan and J explore the important topics of whether Alan Alda has ever been in a Wes Anderson movie (he should be), why going to rock shows in Manhattan sucks now, whether the ten year cycle for nostalgia will be defeated by how niche everything got in the late aughts, and so much more. They’ll also listen to a lot of great music along the way… and so will you if you choose to do so. And you should.

Bryan B and JLM started co-hosting BTR's Music Digest podcast in November 2016. They used to be in a band, too, we think...
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