A Whole Lot Of East Coast w/ Jon The Guilt

Premiere DateFeb 15, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
01:25 // Introducing Jon The Guilt
06:28 “Sycophant American” Jon The Guilt
10:03 // They make me sound good enough
13:30 “Petty Crime” Vundabar
17:12 // How do they do this with just two people
19:08 “Coasting” Honey Cutt
22:45 // Visions of California
25:28 “Easier” addy
29:46 // It sticks in your head
32:12 “Texas Drums Pt I (Radio Edit)” Pottery
35:11 // Drums!
37:29 “Coin” The Bobby Lees
40:14 // Jon Spencer passing the torch
42:17 “Affect Me” Melody English
46:13 // How about that slowdown
48:22 “Big Moon” The Big Net
53:23 // Elliot Smith vibes
54:20 “violet dreams“ NOVA ONE
57:29 // That one goes out the trash cat in my basement
60:12 “Last Sniff featuring MF DOOM” Wilma Archer
63:21 // gotta see that one live
64:57 // outro
65:31 // end

This week we’re recording in Bryan’s basement, and have Jon The Guilt stopping by to share the first song – “Sycophant American” – from the project, and of course to do the whole listen-and-react to new music thing, featuring tracks from Vundabar, Honey Cutt, addy, Pottery, The Bobby Lees, Melody English, The Big Net, Nova One, and Wilma Archer!

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