A Week Full Of New Singles

Premiere DateJul 11, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
01:22 “No Ties” Wax Chattels
03:30 “Bashiri” Moonchild Sanelly
06:47 “Big” Jordana
09:02 “...But I'm Tryin Hard” SHEHEHE
10:46 “Fall Back” Hoops
15:15 “happiness “ Katie Dey
19:18 // mic break
20:59 “Maker” Anjimile
23:55 “The Fighter” Rich Girls
27:12 “Aerostar” Video Age
31:25 “Like Everyone Else” Illitry
37:19 “Deep Dark South” Bendrix Littleton
42:04 // mic break
44:34 “Worry” Songhoy Blues
47:36 “Pigeons” Bill Callahan
52:44 “Heaven Torn Low I (The Passage)” Bell Witch and Aerial Ruin
65:38 // outro
68:12 // end.

This week we’ve got an impressively wide range of brand new music for you, with tracks by Wax Chattels, Moonchild Sanelly, Jordana, SHEHEHE, Hoops, Katie Dey, Anjimile, Rich Girls, Video Age, Illitry, Bendrix Littleton, Songhoy Blues, Bill Callahan, and a collaboration from Bell Witch and Aerial Ruin. It’s a big episode that’s sure to have something new for you.

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