It’s New Year’s Eve and we present you with part three of our partial and absolutely in no way thorough or comprehensive round up of music from 2016. And by “from,” we mean stuff that was added to the BTR library during 2016. Have at it!
In this, the first of an epic three-part year-destroying series of The Music Digest, your hosts delight, enlighten, and brighten your damn day with great music and conversation. Bonus: we finally let you know how to get in touch with us!
Did you know that there was a time in our nation’s history when wrestlers made albums? Also, The Guardian just found out that musical male duos are a thing, apparently. And JLM didn’t know there’d be homework -- no fair!
Another week, another round of music reactions. Also another artist from Minnesota because we seem unable to throw a cat without hitting an artist from Minnesota… but we also shouldn’t be throwing cats, so there’s that to consider.
In this episode of The Music Digest, Bryan B and J talk, a lot. They also pick a batch of great new music from our weekly BTR library updates. But mostly they talk about t-shirts, pop stars, and questionable band names. Also, they make reference to this 90's gem by Helium.
Max Goransson is the lead singer and guitarist in Quiet Loudly and the bassist in Clouder -- two Brooklyn-based projects well known by BTR. Neither band is particularly active at the moment, as Max is currently living in Boston, but he was in town for a few days and stopped in to listen to and talk about some music with us.
Bryan B and JLM are back for their second week hosting The Music Digest. In this episode they discuss nine songs and the discussion hits on Minneapolis, record labels with cohesive styles and sounds, U2, and New Jersey.
DJ Patrick K and Matt have moved on and we wish them well. We were fans of the podcast they did and hope to do our version in our own way while aiming to match the quality of what they did before us. We are Bryan B and JLM -- we've known each other for many years, have played in about a band and a half together, and have worked together at BTR for the last few years. So, settle in and see what you think of us seeing what we think of some new(ish) music as we listen to it for the first time -- or at least close to it.
This is the very last episode of the Music Digest that will feature the vocal talents of now-ex-hosts DJ Patrick K and Matt Your Other Host... End of an era, or end of an error? You be the judge! Ha Ha! Actually, fear not because you'll be in very good, strong, and capable hands under the guidance of now-current-hosts Jeremiah and Brian! Go on, git! They're your new family now! Bye byeeeee!!   La La La (remix) HOOPS   White Isles White Isles   Flood Network Katie Dey
Wow! Only two more episodes left (including this one) with your hosts DJ Patrick K and Matt Your Other Host! Hope you like changes, because come November you're in for a bunch! This week, DJ Patrick K guides you through some of his favorite moments from the episodes we recorded in the year 2015. Lots of classic stuff in here, it's insane. Michael O. - Really? Krill - A Distant Fist Unclenching   Sean Wasabi - Marble Soda
THE MUSIC DIGEST on BTRtoday is changing! In a few weeks time, your ole' buddies DJ Patrick K and Matt Your Other Host will be handing the keys over to some young, hungry new hosts. Until then, we'll be revisiting some of our favorite moments from the past few years of the show.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!   WWJD art Jens Lekman   Intro Bonito art Kero Kero Bonito   Sensuous art Cornelius
We're hanging loose yet again this week on the Music Digest. Your old buddies DJ Patrick K and Matt talk a bunch of traaaash about music, headphones, album art... and they play some hits! It's a slow burner, and I think you're gonna like it!      
This week's episode is a very special one indeed! DJ Patrick K & Matt (your other host) use their entire time to talk about one lengthy tune-- Fela Kuti's classic "Beasts of No Nation." They've never attempted anything like this before. Wish them luck!  
Today we're talkin' tunes from Alex G, Chain Wallet, Dicktations, Fresh Snow, Psychic Twin, Sin Fang, The Luyas, and Violent Change!      
Today your hosts react to songs by Hate Week, The Exaggerated Sighs, Yussef Kamaal, Minidresses, Flock of Dimes, So Cow and The Seshen
Today we take a peek at a few long songs from Carla dal Forno, Lisa Liza, Pop 1280, Dark Twaine, Charlie Mcalister, and Cass McCombs.      
Today DJ Patrick K and Matt your other Host react to songs from Angel Olsen, Coachwhips, Sneaks, Claire Cottrill, Pill, Bread Pilot, Bishop Nehru and the Frightnrs
Today we check out tracks from Advance Base, Charlotte Dos Santos, Cutfather, Delicate Steve, Justin Kelly, Cosmonauts, Sparrow Steeple, and Violent Change!      
Today DJ Patrick K and Matt your other host react to songs from Vexx, Forth Wanderers, The Canannes, Gonjasufi, Eyes of Love, Katie Dey, Gonjasufi and Tall Black Guy
Wow! Great show this week featuring illuminating commentary on new songs from Bleu Velvet, Darcys, Deantoni Parks, Eola, Keenan Cunnin, Lost Boy ?, Omni, and Protomartyr.   Bleu Velvet - Heavenly Creatures    
Today DJ Patrick K and Matt your other host react to songs from Aldous Harding, Blank Realm, Blue Blue Youth, Hrant Kenkulian, J and L Defer, Pinegrove, The Scrapes and Teach Me
On this week's show, we discuss the latest and/or greatest from DTCPU, Mirror, Sneaks, The Smoking Trees, Carter Thornton, The Frightnrs, The Vitamens, and Fadoul!   The Vitamens   Mirror - Universal Dismay   Sneaks - Gymnastics
Today DJ Patrick K and Matt your other host react to songs from B Boys, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Echo Courts, Jon Bap, Macula Dog, Benjamin Witt, Connections and Zula
On this week's show, we discuss new tunes from Jamila Woods, GLOSS, Mononeon, JJ Doll, Xenia Rubinos, Lysol, MoRuf!, and Pariah.
This week, we're checking out records from The Lostines, Tomutonttu, Negative Gemini, Snail Mail, Katie Dey, David Nance, Matthew Urango, and Tim Presley!
Today DJ Patrick K and Matt your other host look back on some of their Music Digest favorites from the first half of 2016
Today DJ Patrick K and Matt your other host react to songs from Dinosaur Jr, case/lang/veirs, Failed Flowers, Black Milk, Told Slant, Leapling, Deerhoof and Mitski
This week, we check out tracks from Nonkeen, Kero Kero Bonite, lee, Ive Sole, and so many more!
Today we take a listen to tracks from The Prits, Grimm Doza, Treehouse, $3.33, Useless Eaters, Josh Zielinski, Kaleidoscope, and Hush!
Today DJ Patrick K and Matt your other host react to songs from Kent Loon and Chester Watson, Weaves, Klara Lewis, Pill, Post Pink, of Montreal, Pity Sex, Yung and The Courtneys
This week, we're talking tunes from Kamasi Washington, David West, Hovvdy, Pumice, ORB, Josephine Foster, and CW Stoneking!
Today DJ Patrick K and Matt your other host react (in real time) to songs from Zach Phillips, Eagulls, the James Hunter Six, Mariya May, Grim River, A Giant Dog, Jimmy V, Spookyland and The Embarrassment
Nice! New songs from Good Personalities, Perturbator, White Lung, Scott Deadelus, TBD, Gifted Gab, Terry, and Devonwho! Wow!
Today DJ Patrick K and Matt your other host react to songs from Salt People, Jake Tobin, Claire Cronin, Pigarette, Shy Mirrors, MC Tree and Noah Sims, Jerry Paper, Shiv and Kurt Vile
Today we discuss new songs from The World, Alberta City, Cut Worms, Words Hurt, Sleeping Beauties, Jork, Sterling Black, and Vertibird!
Today DJ Patrick K and Matt your other host react to songs from Jameszoo, Expert Alterations, Ohbliv, Post Pink, Kadhja Bonet, Out of Loud, Heavy Sunsets, Princess Reason and The Blow
Today we turn over tunes from Nervs, Cult of Lip, Kamaiyah, Daisy Chain, Parker Jordan, Kitten Forever, Puff Partial Traces, and Deastro.
Today DJ Patrick K and Matt your other host react to songs from Enamel, CE Schneider Topical, J-Zone, Nite Jewel, Forth Wanderers, Proto Idiot, Kai Whiston, Yumi Zouma and Thee Oh Sees
Check it out, my friends, we've got new tracks from Honey Radar, Pink Siifu x Malik Abdul-Rahmaan, Music of Morocco, Japanese Breakfast, Great Caesar, and Teen Suicide!
Today DJ Patrick K and Matt your other host react to songs from Kush Jones, Whitney, Marissa Nadler, Art Bears, Count Bass D and Dog Chocolate
Today we dig into new tracks from The Guests, Street Chant, Iglooghost, Seth Bogart, Flatbush Zombies, and Prince Rama!
Today DJ Patrick K and Matt your other host react to songs from Jameszoo, Wild Nothing, Lor Snax, Bendedek, Palm and The Thermals
This week, we take a listen to some good stuff from Downtrodder, Reptilians from Andromeda, White Isles, Lemon Demon, Mulatu Astatke, and Foster Care!
Today DJ Patrick K and Matt your other host react to songs from Kero Kero Bonito, The Invisible, The Bibs, Rich Tommy, HOOPS and Zula
This week, the Digest Crew chews on new tunes from Angel, Filthy McNasty/Ben Buck, HOOPS, Peasantry, Drug Pizza, and Et Aliae!
Today DJ Patrick K and Matt your other host react to songs from SasssyBlack, Brine, Stas THEE Boss, The Intelligence, Fizz Com, and Versing
On this week's episode, we check out tracks from Cat Soup, Gun Outfit, The World, Downtown Boys, Love Spread, and Pony Time!
Today we take a look at great new tracks from Petite League, Ash Koosha, Ulrika Spacek, TEEN, Jalal Salaam, and Smiles!
Today DJ Patrick K and Matt your other Host visit New Orleans and react to songs from Ghost In My Basement, Don Paul, $uicide Boy$, Bell Mountain, Seeking The Illusionist and Smoking Time Jazz Club
Today we trek into tracks from Whitney, Dumb Wolves, Sleuth, Bumpy Knuckles X Wayne Ski, Julia Kent, and Loaf Muzik.
Today DJ Patrick K. and Matt your other host react to songs from off.white, dakim, Bradford Thomas, Sierra Manhattan, Sunflower Bean and Bubblegum Best
Today we conclude our favorites of the year with tracks from GLOSS, The Lavender Flu, Sheer Mag, lee, Joanna Newsom, and Radicalfashion!