Part THREE in our "best of" series. We'll talk about our respective top six albums of the entire year, that were not featured on The Music Digest, over the course of this episode and the next one. Today we talk about our respective 4-6 Music Digest top picks. The three of us have different music backgrounds and taste, so this makes for an interesting count down. It's time to round out the year, listen to great music on this podcast and enjoy it. Every minute of it.
Greetings, everybody! Welcome to the Music Digest's "Best of the 'Gest 2013, Part 2" Countdown! This week, the gang each picks their own favorite three records from the Music Digest this year. I don't want to spoil it for you, but I think you're gonna really be surprised by our picks. So push play, and get ready for a real rock and roll (and folk) thrill ride through the finish! Merry Xmas!
And so begins our epic four part year-end "best of" series. We'll talk about our respective top six albums featured on Music Digest over the course of this episode and the next one, then the last two episodes of December account for our top six albums of the year that were not discussed on MD. Today we talk about our 4-6 Music Digest top picks. The three of us have different music backgrounds and taste, so this makes for an interesting countdown. It's time to round out the year, listen to great music on this podcast and enjoy it.
Today we break down Somewhere Between Here And Nowhere, the newest release from The Black Hollies. Released on October 22nd by Ernest Jenning Records, the album is the New Jersey band's fourth release, arriving four years after their last LP. Justin Morey, the lead vocalist has spent many years working with sound production, and it really shows on this release. Lush ethereal soundscapes create a wall of sound layered with fuzz pedals, antique organs, and more, mimicking nostalgic elements in psych rock rock.
Today we review a self titled EP from the Vancouver based all-girl rock trio PUPS. The band has seasoned musician Rose Melberg (of Tiger Trap, The Softies, and Go Sailor) in it, and offers a fun and adorable take on garage rock. The EP is concise, short and sweet, but offers a mature sound and interesting rhythm changes, as well as impressive female vocal harmonies. A cohesive, accessible, easy album thats execution is more difficult than it sounds.
This week we review Cupid Deluxe, an impressive new effort from seasoned producer Devonte Hynes. This is Hynes' second LP under the moniker Blood Orange, but he has released other music through the bands Test Icicles and Lightspeed Champion. Hynes is the also the songwriting and production force behind Solange's album True and Sky Ferreira's hit "Everything is Embarrassing." Cupid Deluxe, released on Domino Records on November 14, is a compositional tour-de-force that somehow remains very modern while touching upon the nostalgia of Prince, the '80s, and R&B -among other elements.
Today we have the rare collective support from all three hosts of The Music Digest for Yuppies' self-titled release that came out on Dull Tools Records on September 17th. The album offers smart post-punk riffs that skillfully transition between dissident noise and catchy hooks. It's a dynamic, raw, thoughtful record from the Omaha band, that offers an inspired glimpse of hopeful developments in rock music.
Today we're reviewing Kauliflowr, the second official LP release from master beatmaker Glen Booth, aka Knxwledge. The record came out on October 14th through the Dublin label All City, which distributed his debut album. Though he only has two official LPs under his belt, Knxwledge has over 50 unofficial releases, along with a self-proclaimed collection of over 500,000 beats. A sample master, this is what this dude loves to do. He focuses on throwback, classic stuff. The album comes off as a bit disjointed, but with some incredibly satisfying moments.
Today we review Spencer Krug's fourth album under the moniker Moonface, Julie with Blue Jeans On. Released by Jagjaguwar on October 29th, the record offers a unique addition to extensive discography of Krug, who has been in many bands such as Wolf Parade, Swan Lake, Sunset Rubdown, and more. Julia with Blue Jeans On diverges substantially from his past endeavors, it is a stripped down album that features only piano and vocals. We're not entirely convinced.
Today we review Uncanney Valley, the first album in 12 years from seasoned band The Dismemberment Plan. The 10-song LP was released on October 15th on Partisan Records. It is a well crafted record that displays a variety of creativity and skills, but might not quite offer the same level of energy and exuberance in their past releases.
Today we review Body Language, the second full length album of the year from the Columbus, OH band Connections. The LP, that was released on October 2nd by Anyway Records, offer a concise 30 minutes of incredible guitar work, skilled rhythm changes, and good ole nostalgic rock. Somewhat reminiscent of Guided by Voices, Connections deliver catchy hooks in songs that almost sound like you've known them your whole life.
Today we review Dream River, the newest album from producer, performer, and songwriter Bill Callahan. Released on Drag City on September 17th, this addition to Callahan's 25 years of discography adds a polished, simple, and beautiful approach to life and love. The 47-year-old's accomplished songwriting is evident in his unique rhythms, poignant lyrics and inflection, and gorgeous melodies. Highly recommended.
Today we review The Golden Age, the first full length album from Dizzy Wright. The 22-song beast of an album that was released on August 19th on Funk Volume is a journey of an LP. Dizzy covers consciousness, frontin' in the rap game, always being consistent in life, and many other tropes and themes in the album. Though it's full of good messages, it can get a little preachy at times, but the great 90s beats are an awesome listen and a great ode to era. It's available for free download on
Today we review The Courtney's self-titled full length album that was released on Hockey Dad Records on June 7th. On the eight song album the three ladies in the band deliver a nostalgic ode to 90s and New Zealand rock with harmonized vocals, tight instrumentals, and slacker garage sass. This is an album to have some fun to.
Today we review the debut solo album from Jonathan Rado, one of the lead members of Foxygen. Law and Order, an ambitious production, was released on September 3rd by Woodsist Records. Rado covers a variety of genres including soul, funk, garage rock, 60s psychedelia, country folk, and noise in the LP, giving a new twist to classic compositions. The albums, experimental at points, is a great display of his musical range and prowess in production.
Today we review Neko Case's first release in over four years, The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You, which came out on Anti Records on September 3rd. The album is highly personal and displays confusion, identity, and loss. It was a labor of love for Neko Case who lost her grandmother as well as both her parents since her last LP. Her beautiful voice ebbs and flows through indie-pop, alt-country, full production, and inspired a cappella moments on the album.
Today we review TV Ghost's third full-length album, Disconnect, which was released on September 3rd by In the Red records. The Lafayette, Indiana quintet uses churning rhythms, psychedelic drone, lush production, and dynamic guitars to create a full and eerie sonic post-punk space reminiscent of goth.
Today we review Deep Trip, the first studio album from the band Destruction Unit. Released on Sacred Bones on August 20th, the 9 track LP is a very full, guitar heavy album that taps into a variety of genres such as punk, metal, psychedelia, drone, space-rock, and more. Destruction Unit, a band that has had a variety of members come and go, offers a solid, hopefully lasting line-up in this loud, fast, and intricate record jammed with intense guitar sounds.
Today we review Time Off, the first album from seasoned guitarist Steve Gunn that offers a full three piece band. Released on Paradise of Bachelors records on June 18th, the record offers some truly beautiful guitar sounds that embody elements of psych, blues, country, folk, americana, and even drone. The six-song release has crisp production and ebbs, flows, and develops in a warm sonic space.
Today we review the psychedelic, atmospheric 4-song epic Bitchitronics by the band Bitchin' Bajas. It was released on July 16th on Drag City Records. Like one of the favorite phrases of the three piece, this ambient album will help you "find your zone."
Today we review the debut album by Counter Intuits, a collaborative project from two great Ohio musicians, Ron House (Great Plains, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Psandwich) and Jared Phillips (Times New Viking.) Either called Sheets of Hits or self-titled, the record was released in January and offers skilled diy lo-fi production and an array of interesting sounds and sentiments.
Today we review, Ceres and Calypso in the Deep Time, the third LP from the Colorado band Candy Claws. The album is a musical mythical journey that weaves dream pop, psych, shoegaze and several other musical elements with the epic story of a seal-like beast and a human as they travel through the Mesozoic Era. This concept album is lush and full of warm summer vibes.
Today we review the Boston band adze and their debut self-titled album. Their music touching somewhat upon Akron Family, post-punk, no wave, and experimental, is difficult to describe at best. A bandcamp treasure, their persona is equally obscure. I couldn't even find a photo. Let's see what you think.
Today we review the debut LP from the post-punk all-girl trio North Dakota. The three-piece out of Tempe, AZ combines riot grrl nostalgia with funny, simple lyrics, vocal choruses, and harmonies. Short and sweet at 22 minutes, this album packs a punch.
For our first episode sponsored by Urban Outfitters, we have a very special July 4th "best of" mix. Here we present you with reflections on the albums of our prior 10 shows, and put together our favorite songs from the records past. Perhaps feelings have changed, maybe we're stuck in our old ways, there's only one way to find out. COMPILATION MIX, ENJOY.
Today we review The Mantles' second full length LP, Long Enough to Leave, which came out on Slumberland Records on June 19th. With this record, the sweet, yet gritty, indie-pop group out of San Francisco delivers a concise conglomeration of jangle-pop, psych, and melodic indie in a laidback fashion perfectly suited for the summertime.
Today we released the debut album from the Sacramento goth-punk band Screature. It was recorded and mixed at The Hangar Studios, which has been a hub for In The Red Records. Screature, a four-piece with only one guy, pushes the haunting genre in a new, eerie, modern direction.
Today we review Jessica Pratt's self-titled debut album that came out November 12th on Birth Records, a label Tim Presley (of White Fence) created just to release this LP. The 11-song, 41 minute record is a pleasant stream of warm, acoustic, fingerpicked melodies and hauntingly poignant lyrics reminiscent of female singer-songwriters of decades passed.
The Music Digest DJs Pat, Matt, and Margaret 7/8/13 Today we review the third LP release from Shannon and The Clams, Dreams in the Rat House, which came out on Hardly Art on May 21st. For this album, the Oakland trio hones their lo-fi production prowess and offers a fun, grungy, garage-y, modern twist on mid-60s psychedelia. A great listen for summer. 00:00 Intro 00:39 Mic Break 06:19 For Goodness Sake - Shannon and the Clams 09:45 Mic Break 14:00 Bed Rock - Shannon and the Clams 16:11 Mic Break 20:02 The Rabbit's Nose - Shannon and the Clams 23:13 Mic Break 26:39 Rip Van Winkle - Shannon and the Clams 28:45 Mic Break 33:20 Unlearn - Shannon and the Clams 37:36 Mic Break 41:45 If I Could Count - Shannon and the Clams 45:35 Mic Break 49:56 Ozma - Shannon and the Clams 53:24 Finish Dreams in the Rat House 1. Hey Willy 2. Rip Van Winkle 3. Bed Rock 4. Ozma 5. Into the River 6. If I Could Count 7. Rat House 8. The Rabbit's Nose 9. Heads or Tails 10. Unlearn 11. Into a Dream 12. I Know Shannon and The Clams (photo from Shannon and The Clams) June 11 - The Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL June 13 - Cactus Club - Milwaukee, WI June 14 - Mahall's 20 Lanes - Lakewood, OH June 18 - Kung Fu Necktie - Philadelphia, PA June 20 - The Bowery Ballroom - New York, NY June 21 - Comet Ping Pong - Washington DC June 23 - The Earl - East Atlanta, GA June 24 - Stone Fox - Nashville, TN June 26 - Club Dada - Dallas, TX
It's Up to Emma is minimalist English singer and songwriter Scout Niblett's seventh release to date. Perhaps one of her most lush records, the LP came out on Drag City on May 21st. The album chronicles the phases of loss and coping in the aftermath of a failed relationship, weaving aggressive reverby guitar with lush string arrangements for a grungy, strong, and personal collection of songs.
On today's show we review Saturday Looks Good to Me's most recent LP, One Kiss Ends it All, released on May 21st on Polyvinyl Records. It's the first album in six years that we've seen from Fred Thomas and all the contributors that have fluctuated with the band. Today is Saturday, and Saturday always looks good to me.
This week we review Chance the Rapper's second LP, Acid Rap, self-released on April 30th. The 20-year-old, who took acid while writing the LP, touches upon a variety of musical genres, trap, juke, gospel, soul, ragtime, and more, an impressive effort for such a young mc. The album will arguably sustain the year, having recieved a flood of positive criticism already. I liked this album, I made this show long, my bad (xo Margaret.)
This week we review Benny Boeldt aka Adventure's newest album, Weird Work. Released on April 30th, this album is the third he's put out with Carpark Records. It is a playful, sonic return to the 8-bit tendencies found in his debut self-titled album.
On the second episode of Music Digest we review Akron/Family's newest album Sub Verses, their 6th studio album. Released on April 30th, the 10-track release is an amalgamation of the electronic sound displayed in their 2011 release, II:The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT and the folky harmonized aesthetic of their albums prior.
For the first episode of Music Digest we'll be discussing Thee Oh Sees newest album, Floating Coffin. Released on Castle Face records on April 16th, the 10-song LP combines a variety of production techniques, instruments, and saturated sounds for a cohesive, ethereal, and catchy record.