Week of 08/07/17

Premiere DateAug 7, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 DJ Wynn
01:08 Full Body Mirror So Much Light
04:35 Love That Never Fades So Much Light
07:49 Be Afraid So Much Light
11:17 Flagship So Much Light
15:20 Every Step Twinsmith
19:08 Forever Old Twinsmith
24:34 DJ Wynn
25:16 Ms Secret Avey Tare
30:47 Jackson 5 Avey Tare
34:34 Roamer Avey Tare
37:19 UN NO - Suuns
41:03 Mortise and Tenon Suuns
44:33 Sorcellerie Laure Briard
48:56 Dreams Laure Briard
51:55 DJ Wynn
52:33 Radiant Boy See Through Dresses
55:56 Catacombs See Through Dresses
58:58 Shelley See Through Dresses
62:15 Gonna Get Better Broken Social Scene
67:22 Mouth Guards Of The Apocalypse Broken Social Scene
73:03 If All We Share (Means Nothing) The Drums
76:48 Rich Kids The Drums
79:52 Abysmal Thoughts The Drums
84:38 DJ Wynn
84:59 Rocking Chair The Due Diligence
89:05 Junkie For Your Love The Due Diligence
93:24 Luna Blues The Due Diligence
99:00 Xerox Mode His Clancyness
102:09 Only One His Clancyness
107:08 DJ Wynn
108:01 Organ Mantra The Myrrors
117:47 Somos La Resistencia The Myrrors
120:42 FInish

Take The Leap with DJ Wynn and hear new music from So Much Light, Avey Tare, Suuns, and The Due Diligence.




So Much Light - Oh, Yuck

So Much Light





Avey Tare - Eucalyptus

Avey Tare




the Due Diligence - John Cougar Diligence

The Due Diligence

Raised and schooled in Florida, Wynn's love for music started with recording songs off the radio and making crude mix tapes for his bus mates. His tastes started to round out once he learned the trick to buying…