Week of 05/01/17

Premiere DateMay 1, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 DJ Wynn
01:18 I'd Kill For Her The Black Angels
04:51 Comanche Moon The Black Angels
09:38 Tamiditine Tarhanam (My Love, I Tell You) Bombino
13:38 Iyat Ninhay Jaguar (A Great Desert I Saw) Bombino
19:43 The Falls Whitney
22:01 Follow Whitney
25:20 Nope Wilco
28:21 Medicine Wilco
31:48 Don't Wanna Be Xenia Rubinos
36:24 Laugh Clown Xenia Rubinos
40:21 Hair Slick Back Sneaks
42:17 PBNJ Sneaks
44:52 Stoke The Fire Darkstar
48:53 Foam ISland Darkstar
52:26 Superhuman TEEN
56:06 Tokyo TEEN
59:39 DJ Wynn
60:01 Love As A Weapon Little Scream
64:49 Dark Dance Little Scream
69:05 Can't See At All Woods
73:48 Sun City Creeps Woods
79:42 Modern Age Sonny and The Sunsets
85:02 The Hospital Grounds At Night Sonny and The Sunsets
89:14 How Long C.W. Stoneking
92:19 We Gon' Boogaloo C.W. Stoneking
95:22 4 Degrees ANOHNI
99:12 Paradise ANOHNI
102:35 Colour Petite Noir
105:27 MDR Petite Noir
109:31 DJ Wynn
110:14 Grab As Much (As You Can) The Black Angels
114:03 Half Believing The Black Angels
118:20 Finish

Take The Leap with DJ Wynn and hear tracks from The Black Angels, Petite Noir, TEEN, ANOHNI, and Little Scream.


The Black Angels




Little Scream




Petite Noir

Host DJ Wynn
Raised and schooled in Florida, Wynn's love for music started with recording songs off the radio and making crude mix tapes for his bus mates. His tastes started to round out once he learned the trick to buying…