Week of 10/27/16

Premiere DateOct 27, 2016
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 The Jaunt on BTR
00:47 Lie 2 Me Shana Falana
06:55 Strange Hellos Torres
10:49 Gun Scout Niblett
15:36 Sex & Drugs A Giant Dog
17:52 What You Want JuliaWhy?
19:53 The Jaunt on BTR
20:24 Olympia Jackie Zealous
23:20 Fever Purling Hiss
26:25 Inertia Part II Duchess Says
29:50 Kalgoorlie The Peep Tempel
34:33 Stoned Naked Giants
37:24 The Jaunt on BTR
37:50 Used To Be Weyes Blood
42:20 Binary Douglas Dare
47:30 Melancholera Lille
51:01 Kerosene Ana Lete
55:09 Don't Take My Soul Jane Weaver
61:42 The Jaunt on BTR
62:54 Come Here Benny Crespo's Gang
68:32 Places Len Sander
72:45 Cleansing The Smoking Trees
74:11 A Sudden Gust Crying
77:06 My Wrath And My Roar JOSH
82:31 The Jaunt on BTR
83:11 Robbed and Gifted Holy Sons
87:28 G.B. Itasca
91:19 Swept Below Tanbark
94:40 County Line SUSTO
97:56 It's Tomorrow Now Flyying Colours
101:33 Carolina Sam Evian
105:32 The Jaunt on BTR
106:06 Banana City ZAYK
119:20 Finish

Today on The Jaunt, spend some time with my favorite female front-women like Weyes Blood, Scout Niblett and A Giant Dog. Also,new tunes courtesy of Shana Falana, Naked Giants and Duchess Says. Plus, stay tuned for several new artists from Zurich, Switzerland!


HOST Lottie
What is your name and where were you born? Lottie Leymarie. Beaver, Pennsylvania. What is your favorite color? Green What instruments do you play? Piano and guitar How did you get your start in the…