Week of 06/22/17

Premiere DateJun 22, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 The Jaunt on BTR
00:45 Dr. K Nodding Tree Remedies
03:26 Tie Dye Cowboy Roselit Bone
06:19 In A Gothic Church (BTR Live Studio, 2017) Walter Martin
09:22 Starborne Eyes Trevor Sensor
12:48 Sea of Clouds Deer Tick
18:09 Blue Magic (Waikiki) Son Little
21:36 The Jaunt on BTR
22:17 I Got to Smile Mariya May
24:55 Hello Neighbor Tiny Dinosaur
29:46 Steal The Lake From The Water Adult Mom
32:47 Peach Thelma
36:09 Velvet Gloves & Spit Timber Timbre
40:33 Granite Celebration
45:29 The Jaunt on BTR
46:21 How We Fight Swear and Shake
50:19 Spent Los Angeles Police Department
53:51 #1 Song Wesley Fuller
56:52 Look Who's Talking Too The Duke of Surl
60:40 Half Believing The Black Angels
64:59 Unwinds R. Ring
67:49 The Jaunt on BTR
68:38 Lower Worlds Rainer Maria
72:27 This Is How It Is Now The I.L.Y's
75:13 Your Tenderness The Drums
80:09 Raindrop Hot Flash Heat Wave
83:39 What I Want Cende
88:24 Two Toes Palm
91:52 The Jaunt on BTR
92:29 Look Like That Sneaks
95:45 Wild Card Cold Specks
99:30 Sunshine Daydream Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel
101:53 Bagel Breath Horse Jumper of Love
104:53 Another Weekend Ariel Pink
109:01 Tangerine Beach Fossils
112:13 The Jaunt on BTR
112:58 Be Charlie Coxedge
123:05 Finish

Ariel Pink, The I.L.Y’s, and Nodding Tree Remedies have new tracks on the show today. Also, stay tuned for a new track from Son Little’s upcoming album, ‘New Magic’ which comes out on September 15th. Check out the session we did with him here.

HOST Lottie
What is your name and where were you born? Lottie Leymarie. Beaver, Pennsylvania. What is your favorite color? Green What instruments do you play? Piano and guitar How did you get your start in the…