Week of 06/08/17

Premiere DateJun 8, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 The Jaunt on BTR
00:30 Down On My Knees Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
03:05 Swimmers (BTR Live Studio 2017) Alexander F
04:37 Roseanne Nodding Tree Remedies
09:05 Static Somewhere Girlpool
12:40 Summer Season Celebration
16:50 Make It Better Hazel English
19:49 Long Time Coming Coco Hames
23:48 The Jaunt on BTR
24:32 Darling She-Devils
29:06 Cavern's Dark Mappe Of
32:27 Steal The Lake From The Water Adult Mom
35:29 Summers Ryan Massad
37:42 Sunsetz Cigarettes After Sex
41:12 Powerful Man (Sandy) Alex G
44:49 The Jaunt on BTR
45:49 You Are Not Your Mind Eric Slick
49:26 Star Stuff Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2
53:30 Even If Airpark
56:11 Squatting In Heaven Black Lips
59:11 Blue Medusa Golden Pelicans
61:30 Back To You Dream Machine
66:18 Currency The Black Angels
71:29 The Jaunt on BTR
71:56 Daisies White Reaper
74:49 Loving Land of Talk
78:34 In the Lilacs Julian Jasper
81:26 Angela Low Cut Connie
84:55 The Gyrator Mo Meets Mongoose
87:52 Angel Of Love Warm Soda
90:39 Voiceover (BTR Live Studio, 2017) Fred Thomas
93:14 The Jaunt on BTR
93:56 Grown Los Angeles Police Department
98:38 Moment Timber Timbre
108:11 The Reaper Man Trevor Sensor
111:07 Means That Much H. Hawkline
114:35 Hanna STRFKR
115:34 She's Gotta Go Hot Flash Heat Wave
117:54 The Jaunt on BTR
118:33 Grace Kelly Jambinai
121:54 Finish

Today on The Jaunt, we are gonna be ridin’ a groovy musical wave with tracks from Nodding Tree Remedies, Jambinai and H. Hawkline. Also, stay tuned for a song off of Trevor Sensor’s latest release, Andy Warhol’s Dream.

HOST Lottie
What is your name and where were you born? Lottie Leymarie. Beaver, Pennsylvania. What is your favorite color? Green What instruments do you play? Piano and guitar How did you get your start in the…