Turkey Day Tunes

Premiere DateNov 22, 2018
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 The Jaunt on BTR
00:43 Thanksgiving I Heaters
03:48 The Prize Spiritualized
09:08 Care Advance Base
12:23 Indians Never Die Black Belt Eagle Scout
16:50 Shorter Days Frontperson
20:26 Visions of a Different World Great Lake Swimmers
22:53 The Jaunt on BTR
24:02 Momma Hello June
25:06 Strawberry Pie Echo Courts
28:59 You've Got To Get Home (When Your Baby's Alone) The Duke Of Surl
33:57 Bad Beer Slaughter Beach, Dog
37:30 Buy Me Dinner Miss World
40:14 A Song For Those Who Miss You All The Time Thin Lips
43:55 The Jaunt on BTR
45:20 Celebrate Donora
49:02 Cinnamon Monogold
52:37 Party Like Your Heart Hurts Rubblebucket
56:06 Sea of Wine Teleman
60:52 White Wine and Fried Chicken Hot Chip
63:47 Family Values BRONCHO
65:23 The Jaunt on BTR
66:24 Gravy Dayz Caroline Says
69:07 Hometown Haley Bonar
72:06 Wish Anna Calvi
77:16 Wind Up Bird Heartless Bastards
81:36 Pretty Cold Dilly Dally
84:08 Dinner Club The Memories
86:06 Little Bird The Ghost of Paul Revere
89:31 The Jaunt on BTR
90:33 Caged Bird Lila Blue
93:34 Sweet Teeth Odetta Hartman
96:14 Holidays Yowler
99:23 It is a Pleasure to be Here Mothers
104:31 Seasons Scott Orr
107:51 Good Times Travis Bretzer
110:46 Sweet Potatoes and Butter Mo Douglas
116:07 The Jaunt on BTR
116:55 Thanksgiving II Heaters
122:12 Finish

Happy Thanksgiving! This very special edition of the Jaunt will feature Thanksgiving related tunes and trivia.


HOST Lottie
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