The Very Best of 2017

Premiere DateDec 28, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 The Best of The Jaunt 2017
00:47 Send It On Over Mattiel
04:10 Could You Wait 'til I've Had My Coffee? Lisa LeBlanc
06:53 No Question Waxahatchee
10:29 My Man Valley Queen
15:41 Rolling On Celebration
19:43 Scream Weaves
24:43 The Best of The Jaunt 2017
25:31 Leda Makthaverskan
28:57 Don't Go Back at Ten Girl Ray
32:18 1 Billion Dogs Jay Som
35:02 Lower Worlds Rainer Maria
38:50 Spun Chelsea Wolfe
44:14 Currency The Black Angels
49:25 The Best of The Jaunt 2017
50:07 Sip O' Poison Cherry Glazerr
52:27 Well Known People Want To Know The I.L.Y's
54:55 Night Terror A Giant Dog
57:26 The Last Cul de Sac Black Lips
61:11 Sedgwick Trevor Sensor
63:46 Cops Las Rosas
66:51 The Best of The Jaunt 2017
67:48 Dead Legs Active Bird Community
70:48 Bad Thoughts Pat Chow
72:41 Powerful Love Field Medic
74:59 2 4 6 8 Elliott BROOD
79:31 Just Lie Still Roselit Bone
83:18 Devil's Part All Our Exes Live In Texas
86:53 No One Has The Answers Holly Macve
90:17 The Best of The Jaunt 2017
91:55 On And On Curtis Harding
95:52 To Move On Alex Izenberg
99:24 Doing It Right Middle Kids
102:27 Out of the Dust Mariya May
107:50 O Me O My Son Little
110:40 Can't Stand It Art Feynman
116:14 In the Morning Destroyer
119:28 The Best of The Jaunt 2017
120:53 The Pot Is On Fire Ibibio Sound Machine
125:15 Finish

Today, I am playing my absolute favorite tracks from the year.  Make sure to check out the wonderful BTR sessions we did with some of the artists on The Jaunt like Active Bird Community, All Our Exes Live in Texas, and Roselit Bone. Also, listen to the “Best Of 2017” edition of my other podcast, Spotlight on The City.

HOST Lottie
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