06/09/2016 Mix

Premiere DateJun 9, 2016
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 The Jaunt with Lottie
00:57 On My Own Whitney
03:11 What A Tease Nico Yaryan
07:06 Flesh and Blood Beth Orton
12:42 Right? Xenia Rubinos
17:00 Mission Desire Jane Weaver
22:16 In A Day Pale Dian
28:36 Tokyo The Barbary Sound
32:56 The Jaunt with Lottie
34:07 Dark Dance Little Scream
38:28 A Mon Etoile Aube L.
43:11 Tears of a Spirit Gileah Taylor
47:44 Strobe Froth Rollercoasterwater
51:10 Knees Grace Joyner
54:00 Hour Mimes of Wine
57:37 The Jaunt with Lottie
58:11 I Faked It Mo Kenney
60:33 Begin Again Andy Shauf
63:39 Vegas Big Thief
65:55 Deep into the Trees Mariya May
69:11 Little Blue Refrain Tanbark
72:34 Oh Nancy Young Rival
76:15 The Jaunt with Lottie
76:48 She's Dead Angry Angles
78:56 Just An Animal SWIVS
82:28 Shining Tracy Bryant
85:30 Vampire Avers
90:17 Nowhereland Spookyland
94:11 Only Natural Gurus
99:08 The Jaunt with Lottie
100:24 Too Much Make Up A Giant Dog
103:49 Dead Meat on the Beach Sonny & The Sunsets
107:14 If I Can Still Stand The Brothel Sprouts
110:21 Lost Night School
113:34 Mad Minds Heavy Lights
117:34 Nobody Knows VVhile
122:07 The Jaunt with Lottie
122:48 Get On The Floor C.W. Stoneking
126:32 Finish



Mimes of Wine

HOST Lottie
What is your name and where were you born? Lottie Leymarie. Beaver, Pennsylvania. What is your favorite color? Green What instruments do you play? Piano and guitar How did you get your start in the…