Premiere DateNov 6, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 The Jaunt on BTR
00:41 Clumsy Henriette Sennenvaldt
06:19 You PYNKIE
08:01 January 21st Oceanator
11:07 Thanks To You Extra Special
14:11 Dog Helena Deland
18:01 Birthday Letter Secret Sun
20:58 The Jaunt on BTR
21:25 older now (it hurts) Field Medic
24:44 Cradling Mother, Cradling Woman Fleet Foxes
29:37 Even Peace Native Harrow
32:22 Daughter Lydia Loveless
37:10 Acupuncture Hi Five Rubber Band Gun
42:04 Picture of My Dress The Mountain Goats
46:18 Calendar Song Laura Jane Grace
48:32 The Jaunt on BTR
49:52 Someone Else's Problem Jeremy Ivey
56:04 Cool Mom Warren Dunes
60:04 Blue Eyed Doll Hiroki Tanaka
64:28 While I Can Keaton Henson
67:49 Oh What A World Okey Dokey
71:10 I’ll Drive HESS
76:13 The Jaunt on BTR
76:44 Stronger AMANDALA
81:14 Earth Couch Prints
83:40 Wedding Song Velvet Gentleman
87:20 I Know (What You'll Say) Doghouse Reilly
89:59 My Heart Unraveled The Hot Breath
93:11 Buttons Ilithios
97:01 Lancaster County Denison Witmer
102:44 The Jaunt on BTR
103:16 Allow to Cool Mo Douglas
106:03 BREATHE (feat. Jerusalem In My Heart) SUUNS
108:34 Truth Serum Lunch Money Life
112:42 pocket piano Ela Minus
114:45 Budonian Nights The Budos Band
117:47 The Jaunt on BTR
118:28 Pour toi Songhoy Blues
121:02 Finish

A big Happy Birthday goes out to my Mom! I’ll be spinning some birthday related tunes to celebrate. You’ll also hear me express my anxiety over the election (The Jaunt was recorded on Wednesday, 11/4, the day after the election). Hopefully when you read this, we will have reason to celebrate. Let’s enjoy some music in the meantime by The Budos Band, The Hot Breath, Velvet Gentleman, Laura Jane Grace, and more. Stay tuned!

These are facts about Lottie: She was born in Beaver, Pennsylvania. Her favorite color is green. She plays piano and guitar. She got her start in the music industry when she was hired as the music…