Let's Get Spooky!

Premiere DateOct 25, 2018
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 The Jaunt on BTR
00:43 Wear Black Death Valley Girls
03:42 Colossus IDLES
09:21 Wax Bilge Rat
12:03 Doom Dilly Dally
15:56 Black Cloud Whitney Ballen
19:35 Spiders Lung
23:10 Exorcist Stairs Escape-ism
25:52 The Jaunt on BTR
26:35 Can I Receive the Contact? Spirit of the Beehive
29:00 Blackout Fever Curse of Lono
33:33 Ludlow (Do You Believe in Karma?) Body Type
36:14 Get In My Car BRONCHO
39:48 Two Queries Helena Deland
41:27 Beech Tree's Song Leem of Earth
45:52 The Jaunt on BTR
46:30 Blue Narcissus Rave Ami
49:22 Sw3 The Dodos
53:50 Awkward Yowler
56:20 You Get Cat Power
60:00 Eon Les Big Byrd
64:36 Problem Hello June
70:30 The Jaunt on BTR
71:28 Johnny Pt. 2 Basement Revolver
75:14 No Weekend Madeline Kenney
78:10 Dogpile Swearin'
81:11 LSD Roma Tropa Magica
84:09 10 miles Adrianne Lenker
88:05 Self Portrait In A Car At Night-Amber Arcades
90:47 Ghost Limbs Dizzy
94:42 The Jaunt on BTR
95:44 Hold Me Down Villagers
100:11 Fuckin 'n' Rollin Phantastic Ferniture
103:31 A Perfect Miracle Spiritualized
108:13 Beast in the Garden Saintseneca
111:36 Modern World Tim Cohen
114:10 Dancing Shoes Hypoluxo
116:29 The Jaunt on BTR
117:44 Vamps Prism Tats
120:59 Finish

Halloween is a creepy time of year so I put together a spooky playlist to celebrate the holiday. Today you’ll hear some scary (fun) facts about Halloween, listen to some amazing music and have a killer time! Stay tunes for tracks about beasts, spiders, vamps and more! Boo!

These are facts about Lottie: She was born in Beaver, Pennsylvania. Her favorite color is green. She plays piano and guitar. She got her start in the music industry when she was hired as the music…