Keep Calm and Turn the Music Up!

Premiere DateMar 12, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 The Jaunt on BTR
00:55 Hunter (Hunted Version) Anna Calvi
05:12 Purple and Brown Frazey Ford
09:58 Every Atom Lanterns On The Lake
14:12 Anywayz Austra
17:56 Specters Lisel
21:18 Violets Parlor Walls
23:52 The Jaunt on BTR
24:22 Avenue Bliss Purr
28:02 Lost in the Country Trace Mountains
33:21 See Through Mapache
35:29 Raincoat Ryan Pollie
37:41 Something In Return Christopher Paul Stelling
41:30 Ceiling Fan Chance Wiesner
45:02 The Jaunt on BTR
45:21 Flowers Dead In The Vase Aaron Beckum
48:15 Big Face In The Sky Arbor Labor Union
51:25 The Lingering On Bee Appleseed
56:42 The Clouds The Districts
60:41 Mirror For Two Voices Loving
64:15 Whilst The Flowers Look The Orielles
70:00 as you were flor
73:56 The Jaunt on BTR
74:43 Immerse Inverse Cuesta Loeb
79:02 Take Your Time Pottery
82:15 Weekend Bonus
84:43 Godzilla Mount Sharp
87:36 Stitchin' The Seams Spendtime Palace
90:39 Expert Advice Shopping
93:34 The Jaunt on BTR
94:30 Everything's Changin’ St.Arnaud
98:52 Piper Kevin Krauter
101:32 Paper Cup Real Estate
105:54 Rufus The Big Net
110:55 The Onely Ones Lightning Bug
115:47 The Jaunt on BTR
116:24 Fun Song 4 Disq
120:01 Finish

The world is crazy but music is here to keep us sane! Today on The Jaunt, I have new releases by Anna Calvi, Bonus, The Orielles, The Districts, Ryan Pollie and more! Plus, you’ll hear music from St. Arnaud, an Edmonton, Alberta – based musical outfit that I featured on my latest edition of Spotlight on the City. Stay tuned!

HOST Lottie
What is your name and where were you born? Lottie Leymarie. Beaver, Pennsylvania. What is your favorite color? Green What instruments do you play? Piano and guitar How did you get your start in the…