Honorable Mentions

Premiere DateJan 3, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 The Jaunt on BTR
01:00 Coco Pebbles Remy
03:34 Winter, on the moon Bedbug
06:10 Celebrate bell's roar
10:24 End of the World With You Calexico
13:30 Alta Ty Segall
17:36 Homely Feeling Hockey Dad
19:56 Thunder Trails Trace Mountains
23:40 The Jaunt on BTR
24:13 Two Cold Nights in Buffalo Courtney Marie Andrews
27:40 2Mac Everett Bird
30:40 Evil Postdata
33:05 Warm Blood The Beths
37:15 The Dread Sibille Attar
40:50 Cannonball Animal Electricity
43:36 The Jaunt on BTR
44:29 Cold Baby Liz Brasher
48:14 Baby Only You & I Anemone
51:47 Small Foreign Faction Haley Blais
55:16 Never Start Middle Kids
58:31 Rabbits Boys
64:06 dim Mutual
68:00 The Jaunt on BTR
68:45 Sister Station Daisy O'Connor
71:11 Machiavellian Alien Uni
75:30 Cold Pillows Shannon Shaw
79:06 Its Not Gonna Be Alright Field Division
84:43 Struggle Henrik Appel
88:46 Fuckin 'n' Rollin Phantastic Ferniture
92:06 The Jaunt on BTR
92:39 Flies Bump Against the Glass Oh Sees
96:58 PINK Mothers
103:47 Wild Sunflowers GABI
107:42 Forum The Dodos
111:08 Cat June Rose Droll
114:31 Drumpf Rick Rude
117:50 The Jaunt on BTR
118:47 Lonesome Rider (with Quichenight) Jasmin Kaset
121:39 Finish

Happy New Year! Welcome to the first edition of The Jaunt for 2019. Today, I’ll be covering some “honorable mentions” from 2018 – tracks that I didn’t cover on my “Best Of” shows, but that I LOVED. You’ll hear tunes by Rose Droll, Uni, Remy, Calexico, Phantastic Ferniture, Trace Mountains (make sure to check out the BTR Live Studio session they filmed last year) and more. Stay tuned!



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