Best of 2018 (Part 1)

Premiere DateDec 20, 2018
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 The Best of The Jaunt 2018 (Part 1)
00:54 How to Socialise & Make Friends Camp Cope
04:03 Real Talk Titus Andronicus
11:18 A Partner to Lean On Trace Mountains
14:34 Don't Try To Lie To Me The Burning Peppermints
18:39 Free (CLEAN) SC Mira
21:42 I Feel So Lonely Gabriella Cohen
24:49 Belong on the Bed Momma
28:59 The Best of The Jaunt 2018 (Part 1)
29:48 Records The Nude Party
33:12 Ride Valley Queen
37:59 Indigo Chet Vincent
41:43 A Song For Those That Miss You All The Time Thin Lips
45:22 C Oh Sees
49:40 So I'm Told Calicoco
52:30 Rainier Whitney Ballen
55:49 The Best of The Jaunt 2018 (Part 1)
56:31 I’m Scum IDLES
59:39 Bodies of Water Lung
62:24 Honey Odetta Hartman
63:52 Hallelujah, Beast Shannen Moser
66:32 Pretty Cold Dilly Dally
69:02 I’m Your Man Spiritualized
73:26 The Best of The Jaunt 2018 (Part 1)
73:57 Care Advance Base
77:12 My Gravity Wyves
80:52 Handshakes Hello June
86:25 Me Voy Cat Power
90:19 Big Change Swearin'
93:21 Desert Anna St. Louis
97:26 The Best of The Jaunt 2018 (Part 1)
98:09 Holla, Space Boy! Rave Ami
102:45 Drugstore Symbol of Happiness Peach Kelli Pop
103:54 Angel Yowler
107:20 Cage of Habits Doe Paoro
110:58 Visiting Hours Kero Kero Bonito
113:19 Party Like Your Heart Hurts Rubblebucket
116:46 The Best of The Jaunt 2018 (Part 1)
119:56 Seasoned Curly Fries Mo Douglas

It’s that time of year again! Today is Part 1 of my two part “Best of 2018” series. You’ll hear some of my favorite artists, albums and songs from the year. It’s gonna be awesome. Stay tuned!


These are facts about Lottie: She was born in Beaver, Pennsylvania. Her favorite color is green. She plays piano and guitar. She got her start in the music industry when she was hired as the music…