Stereotypes, Consent, and Friendships

Premiere DateOct 3, 2015
Categories Media Talk
00:00 Intro & Rundown
00:35 Ocean of Night Editors
01:03 Analyzing Stereotypes: 5 Ways You Might Be Slut shaming
11:30 Ballroom Floor Oberhofer
12:00 Media Relations: “What Do You Mean?” Consent Debate
19:34 Bruswick Flavor Waster
19:57 Advice Time: Work Relationships/Friendships
31:55 Outro
32:27 Finish

This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane start off by discussing five ways people might be slut-shaming women. Then, the pair delves into the debate over Justin Bieber’s most recent hit, “What Do You Mean?” and whether or not the song condones rape or promotes consent. The show wraps with the hosts joined by Samantha Spoto and the three chat about friendships and work relationships.

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Image by Molly Freeman.

The Playlist:

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