Tinder, Roommates, and Open Relationships

Premiere DateSep 12, 2015
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00:00 Intro & Rundown
00:41 Retourner En Moi Ariane Moffatt
01:05 Relationships in the Digital Age: Coupled Friends Take Over Your Tinder
10:08 Can't Have Steven A. Clark
10:30 Range of Relationships: Having a Roommate is a Sign of Being an Adult
26:30 Mayflower Diane Coffee
27:00 Analyzing Stereotypes: Women Proposing Open Relationships
32:59 Outro
33:37 Finish

This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane discuss the benefits of having your coupled friends take over your Tinder account. Then, the pair chats about roommates and how the practice impacts Millennials. The show wraps with an analysis of why women are more likely to propose open relationships than men.

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Image by Molly Freeman.

The Playlist:

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