Breakups, Type A-, and Haha vs. Lol

Premiere DateAug 15, 2015
Categories Media Talk
00:00 Intro & Rundown
00:40 The Troubadour's Green Room The Good Life
01:00 Analyzing Stereotypes: Breakups
09:53 Anew Soda Shop
10:21 Range of Relationships: Type A
19:05 Alone in the City Gardens & Villa
19:33 Relationships in the Digital Age: Haha vs. Lol
32:17 Outro
32:52 Finish

This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane begin by discussing the fact that women and men handle breakups in different ways. Then, the pair takes a quiz to see if they are Type A-. As it turns out, both hosts are, and they discuss their results and compare Type A- to Type A. The show wraps with a conversation surrounding how people of varying ages convey laughter through texting and social media.

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Image by Molly Freeman.

The Playlist:

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