Names, Bad Advice, and Online Dating

Premiere DateJul 11, 2015
Categories Media Talk
00:00 Intro & Rundown
00:41 We Stared at the World Find the Others
01:25 Analyzing Stereotypes: Gender Neutral Names
11:10 Wait Just A Minute MYZICA
11:40 Advice Time: Bad Love Advice From Classic Books
21:23 Nothing Solutions Georgia
21:44 Relationships in the Digital Age: Drawbacks of Online Dating
29:50 Outro
30:25 Finish

This week on the Hash, hosts Molly and Dane discuss the upswing in babies given gender neutral names. Then, the pair reads through a Bustle piece on love advice from classic literature. The show wraps with a conversation about the cons to online dating.

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Image by Molly Freeman.

The Playlist:

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