Week of July 23

Premiere DateJul 23, 2016
Categories Folk/Country Music
00:00 The Folk Wave
00:54 Up & Up Mark Geary
04:11 Pull Me Out Alive Kaki King
07:50 Free Until They Cut Me Down Iron & Wine
12:20 New Scotland Blues Joel Plaskett
16:02 Tropic of Cancer Jeffrey Foucault
19:54 The Folk Wave
21:31 Shika Tenniscoats
26:29 Birds of a Feather Mimes of Wine
30:22 The Folk Wave
31:10 Velvet Ring Big Thief
33:41 Pretty Things Mo Kenney
36:34 Dreamers Nico Aryan
39:17 All Clear Aidan Knight
42:49 Taken Elliot Brood
47:12 Whipped Bonnie Prince Billy
50:16 Dancer Kevin Morby
53:15 The Folk Wave
54:37 As If It Were All I Could Do Jam Jars
60:46 Finish

Kaki King by Sarah Bastin

Maia is a songwriter, artist, producer, and podcast host based in New York City. She's also a singer, multi-instrumentalist and frequent tinkerer, who has spent time in Haiti and Colombia studying folkloric music…