Week of 01/17/16

Premiere DateJan 17, 2016
Categories Electronic Music
30:12 Let's Work Alex Roque
36:02 Gracefully Ponty Mython
41:00 It Ain't Easy (Soulsmith Remix) Sean Dimitrie & Tonye Aganaba
45:46 It Ain't Easy (Soulsmith Remix) Sean Dimitrie & Tonye Aganaba
47:16 President House (Diephuis Remix) DJ Roland Clark
50:40 Greene St. Studioheist
54:16 Kisses (Louie Vega Kaya Mix) Wanda Baloyi Ft. Kabomo
58:56 Finish

We are in a very deep groove today on the Electric Ride. This is how I’m feeling this week. New music from Chris Stussy, Kevin Yost and more. Hit us on social media @breakthruradio we’d love to hear from you all. Enjoy the deep funky grooves. The Funk is on!

Louie Vega/Photo By Vega Records

Diephuis/Photo By Diephuis (Facebook)

Kevin Yost/Photo By Kevin Yost

Born and raised on the South Side of Queens, NY, Wayne Ski began his musical journey in 1994 when he started making hip hop mixed with R&B mix tapes while working for a local music store. With the desire to…