Peter Ross Range

Premiere DateDec 5, 2016
Categories Culture Politics Talk
00:00 Intro
00:27 Part 1 - Peter Ross Range
03:52 Part 2 - Connection to Germany
07:04 Part 3 - Harsh War Reparations
10:42 Outro
10:59 No Surrender Wyatt Blair
15:02 Finish

You’ve just tuned in to the Daily Beat!

This week on the Daily Beat: Author Peter Ross Range joins the show to talk about Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in Germany as partially covered in his 2016 book “1924: The Year That Made Hitler.”

Peter Ross Range is a former foreign and domestic correspondent for  Time Magazine and has served as a fellow at many prestigious universities, including Harvard and North Carolina.

Today on the Daily Beat, Monday, December 5, 2016: Peter Ross Range discusses Hitler’s formative years and experiences as a solider during World War I, his intense loyalty to Germany, and the harsh war reparations heaped upon the country.

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