Weekly Rundown: Slavery & Szechuan Sauce

Premiere DateOct 13, 2017
Categories Culture Politics Talk
00:00 Intro
00:51 Taia Handlin
02:02 Sheriff Prator's Slavery Remarks
08:12 Rick and Morty Sauce Debacle
15:19 Pasta Burn
18:08 Laser Hair Removal
20:31 Outro
21:01 Cowboy Stories Delicate Steve
23:12 Finish

Taia Handlin joins Joe to discuss Sheriff Steve Prator’s racist remarks and the Rick and Morty Szechuan sauce debacle.

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Joe Virgillito is a staff writer and podcast producer at BTRtoday He is a graduate of Quinnipiac University with a degree in journalism. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and wandering around aimlessly, as…