Overturning Public Opinion

Premiere DateOct 7, 2016
Categories Culture Politics Talk
00:00 Intro
01:45 Part 1 - Scott Chipman
07:18 Part 2 - Overturning Public Opinion
10:21 Part 3 - Personal Observation & Anecdotes
14:49 Outro
15:04 Manipulator Elephant Stone
18:27 Finish

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This week on the Daily Beat: It’s a conversation of marijuana law, first with Marijuana Policy Project’s (MPP) Morgan Fox about policy reform and the failures of marijuana prohibition. Later in the week, Citizens Against the Legalization of Marijuana (CALM) co-founder Scott Chipman joins the show to talk about his organization and the inherent dangers of marijuana legalization.

Today on the Daily Beat, Friday October 7, 2016: We conclude our conversation with Scott Chipman, who talks about the difficult task of overturning public opinion increasingly favoring marijuana legalization.

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