Weekly Rundown: Anthem Kneeling & Divisiveness

Premiere DateSep 27, 2017
Categories Culture Politics Talk
00:00 Intro
00:51 Early Weekly Rundown
02:45 Conflating Patriotism and Sports
03:47 Not Protesting the Flag
09:11 Donald Trump's Intentional Divisiveness
10:59 Seth Abramson's Tweet Thread
18:10 Outro
18:40 Ain't Gonna Last All Night Beechwood
20:53 Finish

Joe fits in a weekly rundown episode to discuss Donald Trump’s battle with the NFL, the patriotism of anthem-kneeling protests, and how the president is intentionally dividing the country along its most significant institutions.

Bob Costas on Conflating Patriotism

Nick Wright on NFL Protests

Sean Abramson’s Tweet Thread

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