Weekly Rundown with Taia Handlin

Premiere DateSep 1, 2017
Categories Culture Politics Talk
00:00 Intro
00:51 Taia Handlin
01:39 James Cameron's Feminism
05:01 Cheating Joss Whedon
06:46 Louis C.K. Rumors
08:07 Enjoying Art Made by Morally Questionable People
10:17 Celebrities are People Too
13:04 Lisa Frank Tattoo Tweet
14:46 Outro
15:16 Hero for the Weekend A Giant Dog
18:34 Finish

Fellow BTRtoday staff writer Taia Handlin joins Joe to discuss their recent pieces for the site having to do with enjoyable but sexist entertainment personalities. Read them below!

James Cameron Doesn’t Think Wonder Woman is Hot Enough to be Feminist

Joss Whedon’s Abusive Feminism

Should I Care if Louis C.K. is a Pervert?

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