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Premiere DateAug 10, 2016
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This week on the Daily Beat: We chat about the latest study done by Touro University California College of Osteopathic Medicine’s Alejandro Gugliucci and UCSF, which found that cutting sugar leads to a drop in heart disease risk factors among obese children.

Today on the Daily Beat, Tuesday August 10, 2016: This study follows on the heals of one released last October conducted by Touro’s Jean Marc Schwarz and UCSF, that found the effects of fructose can be reversed.

The latest study by Gugliucci and UCSF’s Robert Lustig, shows that reducing sugar consumption in obese children leads to a sharp decline in triglycerides and ApoC-III, both of which are associated with heart disease, Touro officials said.

Gugliucci and Touro University California “are working to help reduce the number” of obese youth in Solano County which, according to a 2014 Journal of the American Medical Association study, is nearly 30 percent, they said.

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