Dr. Marino Bruce on Spiritual and Physical Health

Premiere DateJun 16, 2017
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00:00 Intro
00:55 Dr. Marino Bruce
02:27 Allostatic Loads
04:32 Spiritual Health & Physical Health
07:19 Social Nature of Religious Gatherings
11:30 Can Non-Religious People See Similar Effects?
14:36 Outro
15:13 Late Again STRFKR
17:33 Finish

Dr. Marino Bruce joins the show to discuss his recent study that suggests attending church or religious services could help you live longer, and the impact spiritual health can have on physical health.

Dr. Marino Bruce is a research associate professor of medicine, health and society and associate director of the Center of Research for Men’s Health at Vanderbilt University. He’s also the author of a recent study in PLOS One that suggests going to church might help you live longer.

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