Andrew Lakoff on Undermined Trust

Premiere DateMay 11, 2017
Categories Culture Politics Talk
00:00 Intro
00:55 Andrew Lakoff
05:00 Undermined Sites of Trust
07:56 Convergence of Science, Politics, & Society
10:05 Optimism for Future Convergence
12:42 Outro
13:19 ghost deer Wilding
16:49 Finish

Andrew Lakoff discusses how our normal sites of trust have been undermined in recent months, the need for gatekeepers of consensus, and optimism for future convergence of scientific, political, and social circumstances.

Andrew Lakoff is an associate professor of sociology at the University of Souther California. He is the author of several books, essays, and articles, and his newest book “Unprepared: Global Health in a Time of Emergency” is forthcoming from the University of California Press. His essay “Vaccine Politics and the Measurement of Public Reason,” as referenced in the podcast, was published in 2015 by Duke University Press.

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