Tracking Alex Jones's Bans with Paris Martineau

Premiere DateAug 7, 2018
Categories Culture Politics Talk
00:00 Intro
00:51 Paris Martineau Preface
01:46 Surprised to See Jones Banned
03:54 Why Were Tech Companies Afraid?
05:30 Someone Had to Go First
08:16 "The Perfect Storm" of Alex Jones
10:09 Free Speech in Big Tech's Hands
12:36 Outro
13:06 Lost Cat Las Rosas
17:45 Finish

Paris Martineau joins the show to discuss the timeline of Alex Jones’ bans from Facebook and YouTube, why tech companies didn’t do it sooner, and the reasons why Jones was the perfect far right pariah.

Paris Martineau (@parismartineau) is a staff writer for The Outline. Read her piece: All the awful shit Facebook and YouTube let slide before banning Alex Jones.

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