The FDA Inertia

Premiere DateDec 18, 2015
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This week on the Daily Beat: We look at the scientific methods that are in need of re-evaluation.

Today on the Daily Beat, Friday December 18, 2015: Director of the MDS Center at Columbia University in New York, NY, Dr. Azra Raza, speaks with us about how “the FDA has created inertia because it continues to recognize these models as the gold standard for predicting the utility of drugs.”

Raza has decided to study a bone marrow malignant disease called myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) which frequently evolves to acute leukemia. One decision she made very early on was to concentrate research on freshly obtained human cells and not to rely on mice or petri dishes alone. In the last 3 decades, she has collected over 50,000 bone marrow biopsies, blood, normal control buccal smear cells, serum and plasma samples in a well annotated Tissue Repository backed by a computerized bank of clinical, pathologic and morphologic data. By using these samples, she has identified novel genes involved in causing certain types of MDS, as well as sets of genes related to survival, natural history of the disease and response to therapy.


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