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Premiere DateSep 21, 2015
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This week on the Daily Beat: We investigate into stress in the modern world and the latest research and technology to combat it.

Today on the Daily Beat, Monday September 21, 2015: We speak with Lee Rainie, the director of internet, science and technology research at Pew Research Center.

Under his leadership, the center has issued more than 500 reports based on its surveys that examine people’s online activities and the internet’s role in their lives. He also directs the center’s new initiative on the intersection of science and society.

He speaks with us about the impact of social media on stress from his research entitled, “Social Media and the Cost of Caring“.

Quoted in the research explains,”There has been considerable commentary about whether internet use in general and social media use in particular are related to higher levels of stress. Such analysts often suggest that it is the heaviest users of these technologies that are most at risk. Critics fear that these technologies take over people’s lives, creating time pressures that put people at risk for the negative physical and psychological health effects that can result from stress.


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