How Ancient DNA Influences Synergy

Premiere DateNov 2, 2015
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This week on the Daily Beat: We delve into the different biological and natural forces that helps us form synergy with our surroundings.

Today on the Daily Beat, Monday November 02, 2015: Eran Tauber earned his PhD in evolutionary biology (1999), at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, studying sensory physiology and evolutionary aspects of insects behavior. Later, he shifted his focus to genetic and molecular aspects of behavior, working with deaf Drosophila mutants at the University of Iowa. In 2000, he  joined the Department of Genetics at the University of Leicester as a Marie-Curie fellow, where he engaged in studying the circadian clock system in Drosophila.  In 2005 he was appointed a lecturer in molecular evolution.

He speaks with us about the 700 million year-old DNA sequences from ancient animals that have been unearthed by researchers at the Universities of Leicester and Warwick, shedding new light on our earliest animal ancestors and how they influenced modern species – including the sponge.


Host Lisa Autz
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