Food Wasted In America

Premiere DateDec 22, 2015
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00:25 The Daily Beat pt. 1 Dana Gunders
06:00 The Daily Beat pt. 2 Practical ways to reduce waste
08:20 The Daily Beat pt. 3 Recipes for food otherwise wasted
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This week on the Daily Beat: We focus on practical ways to reduce waste in the kitchen during the holidays.

Today on the Daily Beat, Tuesday December 22, 2015: Part 2 with Dana Gunders, staff scientist focused on food and agriculture, at the Natural Resources Defense Council. She speaks with us about writing her book, Waste-Free Kitchen Handbook and US goals to reduce food waste.


Host Lisa Autz
Lisa Autz is a staff writer, as well as Host of The Daily Beat and Co-Host of Third Eye Weekly. Lisa has a background in journalism and economics. She enjoys working on stories that shed light on the…