Activism without Polarization

Premiere DateNov 23, 2015
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00:20 The Daily Beat pt. 1 Austin Young
03:30 The Daily Beat pt. 2 Fallen Fruit Forages
09:00 The Daily Beat pt. 3 Agriculture awareness through art
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15:05 Walk with Me Silent Partner
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This week on the Daily Beat: We shine a light on the activism that doesn’t polarize our world but bring people together.

Today on the Daily Beat, Monday November 23, 2015: We speak with Austin Young, cofounder of Fallen Fruit is an art collaboration originally conceived in 2004 along with David Burns and Matias Viegener. Since 2013, David and Austin have continued the collaborative work. Fallen Fruit began by mapping fruit trees growing on or over public property in Los Angeles.

The collective seeks to bring reflection and activism in taking an artistic approach to agriculture in America.


Host Lisa Autz
Lisa Autz is a staff writer, as well as Host of The Daily Beat and Co-Host of Third Eye Weekly. Lisa has a background in journalism and economics. She enjoys working on stories that shed light on the…