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Today The Raw Story published an article from Reuters titled “French privacy rights group tells Google to change policy.”

The article reads:

France’s data protection watchdog ordered Google on Thursday to change its privacy policy or face fines, leading a Europe-wide push to get the Internet giant to clarify its intentions and methods for collecting user data.

France’s regulator, the CNIL, said Google’s privacy policy violated French laws and gave the U.S. company three months to make changes or risk a fine of up to 150,000 euros ($201,100) and a second of 300,000 euros if it still failed to act.


Today BBC News Africa published an article titled “Rwandan genocide: Sweden jails Stanislas Mbanenande.”

The article reads:

A Swedish court has sentenced a man of Rwandan origin to life in jail for his part in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda in which some 800,000 people were killed.

Stanislas Mbanenande, now a Swedish citizen, was found guilty of taking part in several massacres of mainly ethnic Tutsis in the 100-day genocide.

The court in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, agreed he had played a leading role among Hutu extremists.

He is the first person in Sweden to be found guilty of genocide.


Today Think Progress published an article titled “Leading ‘Ex-Gay’ Organization Closes, Apologizes To LGBT Community.”

The article’s author Josh Israel writes:

Exodus International, one of the nation’s most prominent coalitions of groups promoting harmful “ex-gay” therapy, announced Wednesday that it was disbanding and apologized to the LGBT community for the massive harm it has caused to many. Alan Chambers, the group’s president, issued a written apology, acknowledging that his organization hurt many.