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Today Think Progress published an article titled “The Supreme Court’s Gene Patent Ruling Is Already Leading To Cheaper Cancer Tests.”

The article’s author Sy Mukherjee writes:

Myriad Genetics, the biotech company whose patents on naturally-occurring human genes were invalidated on Thursday by the Supreme Court, saw its public stock tumble as competitors announced that they would be offering cheaper alternatives to Myriad’s BRCAnalysis cancer test.


Today The Associated Press published an article titled “Poland will investigate Nazi-led unit commander.”

The article reads:

Polish prosecutors say they will investigate a commander in a notorious Nazi SS-led unit who has been found to be living in Minnesota.

An Associated Press investigation revealed Friday that Michael Karkoc, 94, entered the U.S. by lying to American authorities about his leadership role in the SS-led Ukrainian Self Defense Legion.


Today The Raw Story picked up an AFP article titled “‘Intersex’ included on Australia’s new gender guidelines.”

The article reads:

The Australian government has announced new guidelines on gender recognition which state that individuals should be given the option of selecting “male”, “female” or “intersex” on their personal documents.

Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus said the new guidelines, which come into operation from July 1, will make it simpler for people to establish or change their sex or gender in personal records held by federal government departments and agencies.