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Today Gawker published an article titled “Obama Changes His Mind About Plan B.”

The article reads:

Yesterday, the federal government decided to change its course regarding emergency contraception and uphold a New York judge’s ruling that it can be sold to girls at any age without a prescription.

This reversal brings an end to a long-time battle between President Obama’s administration and women’s rights groups. The Obama administration believes the age limits for Plan B were appropriate, while women’s rights groups wanted to make the morning-after pill as available as any other over-the-counter medication.


Today Talking Union published an article titled “Bangladesh Labour Law Changes Inadequate.”

The article reads:

Changes to Bangladesh’s notoriously weak labour laws being discussed in parliament are inadequate and will leave workers still without protection guaranteed under global labour standards, according to the international trade union movement.

Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the ITUC, said, “After years of inaction, the government is trying to hose down criticism of a system which has cost thousands of lives and kept the country’s garment workers on dollar-a-day wages to feed the corporate bottom line. The changes being debated in parliament won’t change that, so major trading partners including the US and the EU will now need to step up pressure for real reform.”


Today The New Civil Rights Movement published an article titled “Anti-Gay Kids Museum Responds To Discrimination Charges — By Raising Prices.”

The article’s author David Badash writes:

The Jacksonville, Florida Hands on Children’s Museum came under scrutiny on Friday after a lesbian mother was told she and her partner would have to pay extra to renew their three-year old family membership because they weren’t a real family. Karen Lee-Duffell said it felt “like a punch in the gut.”

The museum director wouldn’t respond to Karen Lee-Duffell, but told a local Jacksonville TV station that “memberships are very specific and do not allow substitutions.”